Welcome to October… and the launch of Innovation Month

Somewhere in your morning ritual between powering the coffee maker and flipping through the newspaper… er, clicking on news links, you may have turned the desk calendar to the start of a new month. But at InnovateSF.com, today’s calendar switch requires a bit more heavy lifting: October is Innovation Month, and that means we’ll be head’s down for the next 31 days working to showcase stories and events from this citywide celebration.

Our official launch isn’t until October 11 (join us at the party!), but we’ll be ramping up with loads of content and event details over the next week and a half nonetheless. Be sure to keep checking InnovateSF.com for more on what we’re doing and for spotlight articles and stories from startups, investors, creative agencies, technologists, media execs and brands that tell the tale of San Francisco as the innovation capital of the world. Also be sure to check out our Startup Map, a visualization of the creative and technology companies within San Francisco (it’s already been TechCrunch’ed). And head to our events page for a list of all events focused on innovation this month.

What is Innovation Month?

October will be a season of celebration for the individuals, civic and private institutions that build opportunities for innovation in the City of San Francisco. October as Innovation Month is presented by Mayor Ed Lee in partnership with a host of influential San Francisco organizations and companies.

San Francisco is home to the top technology and creative talent in the world. This city continues to draw talent and upstarts like Pinterest and Twitter who are investing in both the civic and consumer sectors to create a better San Francisco.

Mayor Lee’s office led this effort to showcase their belief that innovation should make government more efficient; it should drive solutions to social and civic challenges while building a stronger workforce. In January, Mayor Lee appointed the country’s first mayor’s office Chief Innovation Officer (CIO), whose purpose is to ensure that technology is a driver of change in City government and a job creator.

As proof of how this commitment is changing the city, San Francisco has been selected by Code for America to join their 2013 Fellowship program, which connects forward-thinking cities with the talent from the web industry to develop reusable civic technology.

Stay tuned for more in the coming days and throughout the month. We look forward to seeing you at our launch!