Startup Map

Navigating the startup world in San Francisco from the Bay to the breakers just got easier with our recently launched Startup Map, a new platform showing how much funding comes into local startups, where jobs are and much, much more.

Produced in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation, Golightly House,, and the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, this interactive map visualizes the creative and technology companies in our city. Powered by the CrunchBase API, the map was built using technologies developed by San Francisco based companies included Stamen Design, Heroku, GitHub and Leaflet.

“We took advantage of the Crunchbase API to inform the data on the map because we value efficiently crowdsourced information to help create better city-planning tools,” said Jay Nath, the Mayor’s Chief Innovation Officer. “With the help of our community, we hope to use this map as a platform to show how much funding is coming in to SF startups, where jobs are, and much more.”

GAFFTA’s Creative Coder Matthew Gerring was chief developer of the map, which was built in just a month. “The design you see now was done the night before we launched,” he said.

Turning out a well-designed and useful map in just 30 days was a challenge, and the team came across a number of issues including data cleanup and figuring out how to display clusters of companies sharing offices. “You’ll see a consultant shop, two startups, and an investor in one address,” Matthew said.

The latest iterations of the project include a “who’s hiring” layer, and future versions will include better demographic information. The team will also launch a better mobile version in October.

Meanwhile, you can contribute to the map today by logging in and adding your own startup (if we don’t already have it!) or innovative company. We also want your feedback to make this map a useful resource for all those interested in SF innovation.