We keep government accountable, accessible, and responsive.

Our role is to create an environment that allows innovation to flourish in City Hall.

Yours is to help us continually improve how government works, for everyone.

What We Do


We champion new ideas, tools,
and approaches in city government.

Our Projects

Our portfolio is always changing as we respond to a wide variety of incoming opportunities from inside and outside City Hall. We select those with the greatest potential impact and quickest return on investment. All of our projects aim to lower costs, increase revenue, save lives, or improve lives.

How We Work

We work with three main sets of partners to achieve our goals.


Mayoral Leadership

We inform and expand the mayor’s vision for the city through exposure to new fields, organizations, and ideas.


City Departments

We help city departments pilot new programs and take strategic risks to advance their work.


City Residents

We improve the interface between government and citizens, making the city easier to access and contribute to.

Our Goals and Values


New tools can help government work better. We believe that government should be accountable for delivering the highest-quality public services as efficiently as possible. This requires constantly evaluating and piloting new approaches and expanding what works.


Great ideas can come from anywhere. We believe that government should be accessible as a platform for improving the lives of its constituents. This requires working with those inside and outside of government who have capacity to advance the public good in new ways.


Technology and culture change constantly. We believe that government should be responsive to and prepared for this change to ensure it remains relevant. This requires building government that values new ideas and the people behind them.

Our Team


Jay Nath

Chief Innovation Officer

Jay became San Francisco’s first Chief Innovation Officer after establishing the nation’s first open source government software policy and San Francisco’s Open Data Legislation. He previously worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers and SquareTrade and graduated from Cornell.


Krista Canellakis

Deputy Innovation Officer

Krista seeks to connect creative people to make cities more livable, inclusive and responsive. She previously led communications in a national renewable energy start-up and built a crowdfunding platform that enabled communities to fund civic projects in Chile.


Jeremy M. Goldberg

Startup in Residence Director

Jeremy has worked globally across the public and private sectors on innovative partnerships. He’s particularly well-versed on innovation strategy tied to civic pro-bono and engaging startups in helping to solve civic challenges. Jeremy is a graduate of the Masters in Public Affairs from the University of San Francisco and received his BA in Government from the University of Texas-Austin. He is an alumni of Aspen’s Socrates Program, Fuse Corps Executive Fellowship and the American Jewish Committee Goldman Fellowship.


Rayna Gordon-Hellman

Civic Innovation Staff

Rayna brings a creative eye and analytical approach to innovative initiatives by developing engaging digital experiences, compelling graphics, and dynamic communications. Before joining MOCI, she launched a renewable energy option to 1.2 million utility customers and worked for a digital visualization startup that both won awards for marketing and design. Rayna has a BA in Economics from WashU and completed Graduate Design coursework at RISD.


Denise Cheng

Innovation Fellow

Since 2007, Denise has played the resident expert on p2p marketplaces at the MIT Center for Civic Media, cofounder of a citizen journalism outfit in Michigan, and other media programming roles in various U.S. cities. She is also a returned Peace Corps volunteer.


Ashley Meyers

Innovation Fellow

Ashley Meyers comes to MOCI from Code for America, where she was an early team member of the nationally-recognized startup non-profit that is using technology to reinvent the relationship between citizens and government. She brings expertise in civic technology, government transparency, coalition building, public policy and community organizing.


Monique Woodard

Innovation Fellow

Monique wants to build inclusive communities enabled by digital and emerging technology. She is a founder of the Black Founders and an active entrepreneur interested in using technology to enhance the consumer experience.


Shannon Spanhake

Deputy Innovation Officer

Shannon aims to drive economic growth and government efficiency with innovation. Prior to this, she was at a startup founded with her patented civic technology, which she was recognized in “100 Women Innovating Science and Technology” by the Grace Hopper Foundation.


Rebecca Center Foster

Fusecorps Fellow

After eight years working as an investment banker to raise capital for governments and three years in urban development consulting, Rebecca wanted to get closer to the action on the ground. She is focused on civic innovation that makes communities and the local economy stronger.


Jason Lally

Innovation Fellow

Jason believes the City can be a platform for citizens to create common futures. Before joining the City, he worked with PlaceMatters as the Director of its Decision Lab, advancing innovation in urban planning and civic engagement.


Jake Levitas

Innovation Fellow

Jake develops and manages programs that help cities use new ideas to work better. Prior to the City, he began his career at Arup in urban planning, then spent two years as Research Director at Gray Area where he managed large-scale civic innovation initiatives.